Circuitry Design

Why Company would like to outsourcing their PCB layout, design job?

outsource can be define as the strategic to use of outside resource,  to preform a more efficient performance. Deciding to outsourcing a PCB design can be easy. We suggest process stages as below.

Initial Design Review :  discuss with your PCB designer and your design engineer regarding the requirement and specification.

Mechanical Review : Mechanical definition of the board before any parts are installed, and creation of the board outline.  Including the tool hole, break-away panel, fiducial mark, and  your products dimension, mechanical drawings of the enclosure to the PCB layout engineer to make sure your requirement are met.

 Components Placement and Review: a poor design can caused your assembly labor higher, failed rate higher,

To start PCB layout, simply send an email directly to with your netlist files, schematic capture files, and other specific information. We will respond and send our quotation back very shortly.


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