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PCB Assembly: Domestic VS Foreign

Domestic PCB assembly houses are a much better alternative to foreign contract manufacturers. Domestic PCB assembly firms have a multitude of benefits.

• Key advantages include better quality assurance as well as the confidentiality of your intellectual property. Quality comes into question when outsourcing printed circuit board assembly as the firms located overseas may not have proper qualifications to handle your product. There is a growing problem of IPs being appropriated by non-legitimate organizations overseas, and one surefire way to minimize that risk is to find a trustworthy, reliable, and IPC A-610 certified company like ACME PCB Assembly to build your products.

• By outsourcing work overseas, one is typically trying to lower the cost of labor. However, lowering the cost of labor by outsourcing overseas can incur higher transportation costs. Outsourcing PCB assembly overseas is only viable in very few situations. A firm would need a product that has high volume runs with longer lead times and repeat jobs to even consider this method. Any other job, from prototyping to batch production, are better off done domestically as quality would remain the focus.

• Another advantage is that it would be significantly easier to communicate domestically as opposed to abroad. There are twenty-four time zones across the globe, and keeping track of which vendor or customer is in working hours could be a hassle to deal with. Language barriers are also an obstacle while outsourcing to businesses. Although many countries around the globe speak English, people with lower proficiencies could cause issues in communication and result in misunderstandings.

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Conformal Coating Service 310-715-1898

Why apply conformal coating?

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is the core of everyday life as most electrical devices can not function without one. From everyday life to military and medical situations, a PCB must be able to withstand the wear and tear of time and other elements. Conformal coating is designed to protect Printed Circuit Board (PCB), and related equipment from their environment. Typically applied at 0.001 inches to 0.003 inches on the PCB. It is a protective nonconductive dielectric layer that is applied to the assembled printed circuit boards to protect the electronic product from damage due to contamination, salt spray, moisture, fungus, dust, and corrosion caused by the harsh or extreme environment.

ACME PCB Assembly happens to offer three different kinds of conformal coating for our valuable customers. The acrylic conformal coating is a low viscosity coating that is cured through drying and isn’t too resistant to chemicals but hardens quickly. The Urethane conformal coating is also a low viscosity coating, however, is cured through crosslinking with strong resistances to chemicals. Silicone conformal coating is a very viscous coating that is applied through swirl technology with high chemical resistances.

Below is a graph that shows the characteristics of the conformal coatings ACME PCB Assembly provides.

Acrylic conformal coating Urethane conformal coating Silicone conformal coating
Viscosity Low Low High
Typical applicator technology Film coating Film coating / Swirl Swirl
Curing Drying Crosslinking Crosslinking
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Yes Yes No
Chemical resistance Low High High
Thermal span Low Low High
Glass Transition Temp Low Low N/A
Repairable Solvents Solvents & Mechanical.


May result in stratified coating after repair.


Solvents & Mechanical.


May result in stratified coating after repair.


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ACME PCB Assembly provides RoHS 2 PCB and PCBA service.

The RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU must be transposed into national laws by 2nd January 2013.

ACME PCB Assembly ready for RoHS 2

ACME PCB Assembly ready for RoHS 2

Directive 2011/65/EU entered into force on 21st 2011 and requires the Member States to transpose the provisions into their respective national law by 2nd January 2013. The RoHS 2 Directive is part of the European Union’s horizontal waste management legislation.

The RoHS 2 Directive is part of the European Union’s horizontal waste management legislation. As we know, the RoHS 1 Directive is for 2002/95/EC. On the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment (EEE). The Directive 2011/65/EU is reffed to as RoHS 2.

RoHS and REACH are two different acts with different scopes and objectives. When overlaps occur, the strongest restriction should be applied.

ACME PCB Assembly provides RoHS 2 Directive assembly service in Carson, California. and Our PCB Suppliers to ACME PCB Assembly conform with RoHS 2 Directive.

How do you know if RoHS 2 applies to your products? if your product not EEE, or out of scope, provisions of RoHS 2 don’t apply, you don’t need to worry about it. By the way, automated integrated circuit board and printed circuit board (bare board) testers, CNC lathes, bridge-type milling and drilling machines, metal forming presses, they all benefit from an exclusion. The list below is the EU RoHS 2 Directive Exemptions to RoHS 2

A total of 16 new exemptions, primarily for specific medical devices applications have been added to the EU RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU.

  • 2014/1/EU Exemption for lead as an alloying element for bearings and wear surfaces in medical equipment exposed to ionizing radiation
  • 2014/2/EU Exemption for cadmium in phosphor coatings in image intensifiers for X-ray images until 31 December 2019 and in spare parts for X-ray systems placed on the EU market before 1 January 2020
  • 2014/3/EU Exemption for lead acetate marker for use in stereotactic head frames for use with Computed Tomography and MRI and in positioning systems for gamma beam and particle therapy equipment
  • 2014/4/EU Exemption for lead enabling vacuum-tight connections between aluminum and steel in X-ray image intensifiers
  • 2014/5/EU Exemption for lead in solders on printed circuit boards, termination coatings of electrical and electronic components and coatings of printed circuit boards, solders for connecting wires and cables, solders connecting transducers and sensors that are used durably at a temperature below – 20 °C under normal operating and storage conditions
  • 2014/6/EU Exemption for lead in the surface coatings of pin connector systems requiring non-magnetic connectors which are used durably at a temperature below – 20 °C under normal operating and storage conditions
  • 2014/7/EU Exemption for lead in solders, termination coatings of electrical and electronic components and printed circuit boards, connections of electrical wires, shields and enclosed connectors which are used (a) in magnetic fields within the sphere of 1 m radius around the isocentre of the magnet in medical magnetic resonance imaging equipment, including patient monitors designed to be used within this sphere, or (b) in magnetic fields within 1 m distance from the external surfaces of cyclotron magnets, magnets for beam transport and beam direction control applied for particle therapy
  • 2014/8/EU Exemption for lead in solders for mounting cadmium tellurium and cadmium zinc tellurium digital array detectors to printed circuit boards
  • 2014/9/EU Exemption for lead and cadmium in metallic bonds creating superconducting magnetic circuits in MRI, SQUID, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance or Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer detectors
  • 2014/10/EU Exemption for lead in alloys, as a superconductor or thermal conductor, in medical devices (category 8) and/or in industrial monitoring and control instruments
  • 2014/11/EU Exemption for hexavalent chromium in alkali dispensers used to create photocathodes in X-ray image intensifiers until 31 December 2019 and in spare parts for X-ray systems placed on the EU market before 1 January 2020
  • 2014/12/EU Exemption for lead in solders on printed circuit boards of detectors and data acquisition units for Positron Emission Tomographs which are integrated into Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment
  • 2014/13/EU Exemption for lead in solders on populated printed circuit boards used in Directive 93/42/EEC class IIa and IIb mobile medical devices other than portable emergency defibrillators
  • 2014/14/EU Exemption for 3,5 mg mercury per lamp in single capped compact fluorescent lamps for general lighting purposes < 30 W with a lifetime equal to or above 20000 h
  • 2014/15/EU Exemption for lead, cadmium and chromium in reused spare parts, recovered from medical devices placed on the market before 22 July 2014 and used in category 8 equipment placed on the market before 22 July 2021, provided that reuse takes place in audible closed loop business-to-business return systems, and that the reuse of parts is notified to the consumer
  • 2014/16/EU Exemption for lead as an activator in the fluorescent powder of discharge lamps when used for extracorporeal photopheresis lamps containing BSP phosphors



Prototype Assembly service for Electronic PCB, low volume high mix

ACME Provide Quick Turn PCB assembly include rapid prototype assembly service

Tel: 310-715-1898

ACME PCB Assembly provides service as quick turn PCB prototype assembly service. There is no order is too small, we offer 1 piece board with 1 day assembly lead time. Acme guarantee on-time delivery of rapid PCB assembly service.

ACME PCB Assembly do not doing ITAR project, therefore, we are more flexible on PCB Assembly for prototype, small run production, and medium quantity of PCB assembly with much affordable assembly cost.

We process several dozens of different products weekly. ACME PCB Assembly aimed on small to medium volume assembly and also specialty on low volume high mix boards.

Our technical capabilities can cover machine placed SMT components as small as 01005, fine-pitch BGA, QFN board.

We earn the good recommend from customer through the excellent service as below.


Wesley Dwelly

in the last week

I am the CTO at VAWD APPLIED SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. We have worked with ACME PCB on several projects. The PCB’s include, thru-hole and surface mount components ranging from power connectors to high density FPGAs with large pin count BGAs along with very fine pitch connectors and QFN’s. Their work has always been high quality and flawless. ACME is more like a design partner than an assembly house. ACME performs a detailed pre-assembly inspection that has saved us lots of money and time by finding footprint and part number issues that would of created costly rework or even scraping the PCB’s. This partnership is critical for efficient circuit board development and we highly recommend ACME PCB for even the most complex designs.


Timothy Jones

9 months ago-

ACME recently built 25 sets of 3 different board designs for me. All were lead free. One had surface mount components on both sides. Some components were fine pitch QFN packages. ACME also supplied the PCBs from our original design files. This was our first post prototype production. The end result was zero defects and zero problems of any note. On top of that, Stephen, Alice, and others at ACME were pleasant to deal with, timely, and very responsive. I sincerely appreciate your high quality service. Thank you very much.


Reid Harrison

10 months ago

I have used Acme for over four years, and they have done outstanding work for us on challenging projects. Their technical ability and quality control is top notch, and they really take the time to respond to customers’ needs. Very professional, and high quality work with no missed deadlines, in my experience.

Declaration of Conflict-Free Metal

Declaration of Conflict-Free Metal

Acme PCB Assembly hereby declares that the metal used in our production line is Conflict-Free

Acme PCB Assembly had investigated and will continue to monitor our supply chain to ensure that metal such as gold(Au), Tungsten(W), Tantalum(Ta), cobalt(Co), and Tin(Sn) are not derived or sourced from mines in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, or exported through illegal means or trade routes that are controlled by non-governmental military group, unlawful military factions.

As Yun Industrial Co., Ltd. dba: Acme PCB Assembly registered in the united States of America, the trade routes that are considered “Non Conflict Free” include direct export from Congo, as well as exports through Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. (metal exports from these countries are deemed by U.N. Security Council as part of Democratic Republic of Congo- mined minerals.)

We hereby confirm that the metals used in our products are ” Democratic Republic of Congo Conflict-Free”

Supplier Company: Yun Industrial Co., Ltd. dba: ACME PCB Assembly


Cable, Wire striping, harness service.

ACME PCB Assembly provide service for small run Cable assembly, Cable harness, Wire stripping in California, Los Angeles.

161 Selandia Lane, Carson, CA 90746

Specially for custom electronic cable assemblies.

You can rely ACME PCB Assembly for timely, cost-effective service. please visit our main web site:   Phone number: 310-715-1898


ACME taking care of your BGA board assembly, and rework.

for BGA rework, replacement. ACME add the most powerful tool to keep in the state of art.  310-715-1898
an 8,000 W medium wavelength IR heater measuring 500 mm x 625 mm. The IR/PL 650 XL is Ersa‘s flagship machine for extra large printed circuit boards (PCBs). PCBs up to 20″ x 24″ or 500 mm x 625 mm can now be safely and rapidly reworked.